Your Comprehensive Guide to Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

palworld ancient technology points

Palworld bursts with vibrant landscapes, captivating creatures called Pals, and the promise of endless adventure. However, a hidden layer of history lies beneath the surface, waiting to be unearthed. The remnants of a bygone civilization hold the key to powerful ancient technology, and accessing these relics hinges on a crucial resource: Ancient Technology Points.

This in-depth guide delves into the world of Ancient Technology Points in Palworld. We’ll explore how to acquire them, what incredible tech they unlock, and equip you with strategies to maximize your efficiency. So, aspiring Pal Trainer, prepare to delve into the fascinating past and unlock the secrets that will propel you forward!

The Power of the Past: What are Ancient Technology Points?

Ancient Technology Points are a unique currency in Palworld, distinct from the standard technology points earned through leveling up. These valuable points unlock blueprints for “Ancient Technology,” a collection of powerful tools and gadgets that significantly enhance your gameplay. From hatching captured Pal eggs to scaling treacherous cliffs, this technology is essential for any aspiring Pal Trainer.

The Secrets: How to Earn Ancient Technology Points

Acquiring Ancient Technology Points requires determination and a touch of exploration. Here are the primary methods to fuel your journey:

Conquering the Syndicate Towers: These imposing structures, scattered across the map, house formidable Syndicate Tower Bosses. Defeating these guardians for the first time grants a significant reward of Ancient Technology Points (usually ranging from 3 to 5). However, remember, this reward is a one-time deal. Subsequent victories won’t yield more points, so plan your attacks strategically.

Taming or Taking Down Alpha Pals: The world teems with powerful Alpha Pals, distinguished by a red aura surrounding their names. These elite creatures pose a significant challenge, but successfully capturing or defeating one rewards you with a single Ancient Technology Point. The good news? Alpha Pals respawn after a real-world hour, allowing you to strategically farm them for points over time.

Unearthing Ancient Technical Manuals: Keep your eyes peeled during exploration! These hidden treasures, scattered throughout the world, offer a delightful surprise – bonus Ancient Technology Points upon discovery. Consider these manuals a reward for your keen exploration skills, adding a dash of adventure to your point-gathering efforts.

A Glimpse into the Future: What Ancient Technology Can You Unlock?

The rewards of unlocking the past are truly remarkable. Here’s a peek at the incredible technology you can access with your hard-earned Ancient Technology Points:

Egg Incubator: Hatch-captured Pal eggs and expand your Pal collection! This game-changer allows you to breed Pals, creating a diverse and powerful team.

Grappling Hook: Conquer treacherous terrain with ease! The grappling hook grants you the ability to scale cliffs and reach previously inaccessible areas, opening up new exploration possibilities and hidden resources.

Advanced Inventory Slots: Feeling burdened by your loot? With additional inventory slots, you can stockpile more resources, essential crafting materials, and even captured Pals, allowing you to become a true master of resource management.

Sphere Launcher: Capture Pals from afar with this ingenious tool! The Sphere Launcher increases your chances of nabbing elusive creatures, streamlining your Pal collection endeavors.

Advanced Weaponry: The past holds more than just utility! Ancient technology unlocks powerful weapons, giving you a significant edge in combat encounters against formidable foes and rival Pal Trainers.

Optimizing Your Path: Strategies for Efficiently Gathering Ancient Technology Points

Gathering Ancient Technology Points requires a strategic approach. Here are some tips to maximize your efficiency:

Prioritize Syndicate Tower Bosses: These encounters offer the highest single point rewards. Plan your exploration around these towers, conquering them as you progress through the game.

Hunt Alpha Pals Strategically: Focus on weaker Alpha Pals with manageable combat difficulty. This allows for efficient farming of points, especially once they respawn.

Exploration is Key: Don’t underestimate the power of a keen eye! Keep an eye out for hidden Ancient Technical Manuals during your adventures. These surprise point boosts can significantly accelerate your progress.

Befriend High-Capture Pals: Certain Pals, like Puffs and Cephalops, boast a higher capture rate. Utilizing these Pals increases your chances of capturing Alpha Pals for bonus points.

Invest in Capture Devices: Stock up on Capture Balls and Tranquilizer Guns. These tools significantly increase your success rate against Alpha Pals, allowing you to farm points more efficiently.


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