Ancient Technology in Pal World: Your Ultimate Guide

how to get ancient technology points palworld

Eager to enhance your gameplay in Pal World? Ancient Technology Points play a crucial role in unlocking and crafting advanced items that can transform your experience. This blog will guide you through various strategies on how to get Ancient Technology Points in Pal World, ensuring you make the most out of your adventures.

1. Understanding Ancient Technology Points:

Ancient Technology Points are a vital currency in Pal World, used to access unique resources and upgrades. Understanding their importance is the first step in maximizing your ability to collect them efficiently.

2. Where to Find Ancient Technology Points:

These points can be found in specific locations throughout the game. Exploring ancient ruins and hidden caves often leads to discovering valuable technology points. Always keep an eye out for these spots as you travel through different environments.

3. The Role of Pals in Acquiring Points:

Your pals in Pal World can be instrumental in gathering Ancient Technology Points. Certain pals have abilities that can detect or excavate hidden technology faster. Pairing with the right pals is essential for optimizing your collection process.

4. Completing Quests and Challenges:

Many quests and challenges in Pal World reward players with Ancient Technology Points upon completion. Focus on these tasks, as they not only provide points but also enhance your overall gaming experience.

5. Utilizing Special Events:

Pal World occasionally hosts special events that offer abundant opportunities to earn Ancient Technology Points. Participating in these events is a highly effective way to accumulate a significant amount of points in a short period.

6. Trading with Other Players:

Trading items and resources with other players can sometimes yield Ancient Technology Points. This method requires negotiation and strategic exchange, making it a dynamic way to boost your points.

7. Crafting to Earn Points:

Crafting items can also lead to earning Ancient Technology Points. Focus on crafting high-demand items or those linked to ancient technologies to maximize your gains.

8. Investing in Technology Upgrades:

Investing your existing points in specific technology upgrades can exponentially increase your future earnings. Choose upgrades that enhance your ability to collect or generate more points.

9. Tips and Tricks for Quick Accumulation:

Learn specific tips and tricks, such as which areas to prioritize and which pals to deploy for efficient point collection. This knowledge can significantly speed up your point accumulation.

10. Avoiding Common Mistakes:

Many players lose potential points through common mistakes, such as neglecting their pal’s capabilities or missing event opportunities. Learn what pitfalls to avoid and how to strategize effectively.


Earning Ancient Technology Points in Pal World is an exciting and rewarding aspect of the game that enhances your crafting capabilities and overall gameplay experience. By understanding where and how to collect these points, leveraging your pals’ abilities, and participating in events, you can maximize your efficiency and enjoy all the advanced features Pal World has to offer.


Q1: What are the best pals to use for collecting Ancient Technology Points?

A1: Look for pals with abilities related to detection or excavation. Their specific skills can make a significant difference in how quickly you accumulate points.

Q2: Can Ancient Technology Points be purchased with real money?

A2: No, Ancient Technology Points cannot be directly purchased; they must be earned through gameplay activities such as exploring, crafting, and completing challenges.

Q3: Are there any shortcuts to getting Ancient Technology Points in Pal World?

A3: While there are no shortcuts, efficiently using your pals and participating in special events can significantly speed up your collection process.

Q4: How often do special events occur in Pal World?

A4: Special events are scheduled periodically. Keep an eye on the game’s announcements and participate whenever possible to gain more points.

Q5: What should I prioritize first when trying to earn Ancient Technology Points?

A5: Prioritize understanding the mechanics of point collection, such as where to find them and which pals to use. Then, focus on completing quests and challenges that offer these points as rewards.

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