The Past: How to Get Ancient Technology Points in Pal World

palworld how to get ancient technology points

Pal World offers a unique gaming layer with its ancient technology points, which are crucial for unlocking rare and powerful items. Players often wonder, “Pal World: how to get ancient technology points?” Understanding the strategies to acquire these points can significantly enhance your gaming experience, allowing you to unlock ancient secrets and powerful gear.

Ancient Ruins

Exploration is key in Pal World to get ancient technology points. Venture into ancient ruins and hidden locations scattered across the map. These areas are rich with relics and artifacts that, once discovered, can yield a substantial amount of ancient technology points. Prioritize exploring these areas thoroughly to maximize your gains.

Complete Special Quests

Certain quests in Pal World are specifically designed to reward you with ancient technology points. Keep an eye out for NPCs who offer these quests, as they often involve uncovering or retrieving ancient artifacts. Completing these quests not only advances your storyline but also boosts your ancient technology points significantly.

Utilize Crafting Skills

Crafting plays a pivotal role in Pal World: how to get ancient technology points involves using your crafting skills to recreate ancient technology. Sometimes, crafting certain items will require blueprints, which can be found or earned through quests. Mastering the art of crafting these items is crucial as they often hold the key to unlocking valuable technology points.

Engage in Archaeological Digs

Participate in archaeological digs, which are special events in Pal World where you can excavate ancient artifacts. These events are prime opportunities for gathering ancient technology points. Be prepared with the right tools and Pals to help in these digs to ensure you can unearth the most valuable items.

Trade with Other Players

Trading with other players can also be a strategic method in Pal World: how to get ancient technology points can sometimes hinge on acquiring certain items that are only obtainable through trade. Engage with the community to find players who have the artifacts you need and are willing to trade them for something valuable you might have.

Learn from Ancient Texts

Throughout Pal World, you might come across ancient texts and manuscripts. These texts can often lead you to hidden technology points or instruct you on how to create items that yield these points. Dedicate time to collecting and studying these texts to enhance your knowledge and your ability to collect ancient technology points.

Join a Guild

Joining a guild can significantly aid your quest in Pal World: how to get ancient technology points can be easier with the help of fellow guild members. Guilds often have access to resources and information that can lead you to ancient technology points faster and more efficiently.

Maximize Your Pal’s Abilities

Your Pals in Pal World can be crucial in finding ancient technology points. Some Pals have specific abilities that make them perfect for exploring ruins or excavating sites. Utilize these Pals effectively to explore areas that are rich in ancient technology points.

Stay Updated on Game Events

Pal World often hosts special events that can help players earn more ancient technology points. Staying updated on these events and participating actively can provide you with a significant boost in collecting these points. Keep an eye on the game’s social media pages and forums for announcements.

Keep a Log of Your Discoveries

Keeping track of where and how you earn your ancient technology points can be incredibly helpful. This log can guide your future explorations and help you identify patterns or areas you may have overlooked. It also ensures you are efficiently planning your quests and expeditions to maximize your point collection.

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In Pal World, understanding how to get ancient technology points is crucial for advancing your gameplay and unlocking some of the most powerful items and abilities. Whether through exploration, crafting, trading, or participating in special events, each method offers unique advantages. By following these strategies, you will be well on your way to mastering the art of collecting ancient technology points and fully enjoying the depth that Pal World has to offer.


  • What are the best places to find ancient technology points in Pal World?

Ancient ruins and hidden locations are typically the most fruitful places to explore for gaining ancient technology points. Participating in archaeological digs also offers substantial rewards.

  • How important are ancient technology points in the Pal World?

Ancient technology points are extremely important as they allow players to unlock rare and powerful technologies that can significantly enhance gameplay and capabilities.

  • Can I trade ancient technology points with other players?

No, you cannot trade ancient technology points directly with other players, but you can trade items that are associated with these points.

  • Do all quests in Pal World offer ancient technology points?

Not all quests offer ancient technology points. Look for specific quests from NPCs that involve ancient artifacts or technologies, as these are likely to reward you with ancient technology points.

  • How can I maximize my ancient technology points gain?

To maximize your gain of ancient technology points, focus on exploring ancient sites, mastering crafting skills, and staying actively engaged in all related events and quests. Utilizing the abilities of your Pals effectively and joining a guild can also significantly boost your points collection.

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