Unearthing Progress: Ancient Technology Points in Palworld 

ancient technology points palworld

Palworld throws you into a vibrant world teeming with friendly Pals and the potential for adventure. But beneath the surface lie remnants of a forgotten civilization, holding the key to powerful ancient technology. Accessing these relics requires Ancient Technology Points, a valuable resource that unlocks blueprints for game-changing tools and gadgets.

This comprehensive guide delves into everything you need to know about Ancient Technology Points in Palworld. We’ll explore how to acquire them, what incredible tech they unlock, and offer strategies to maximize your efficiency. So, gear up, Pal Trainer, and let’s unearth the wonders of the past!

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What are Ancient Technology Points?

Ancient Technology Points are a unique currency in Palworld specifically used to unlock blueprints for “Ancient Technology.” These blueprints offer access to powerful tools and gadgets that significantly enhance your gameplay experience. Unlike standard technology points earned through leveling up, Ancient Technology Points are much rarer and require specific actions to obtain.

How to Earn Ancient Technology Points

There are three primary ways to acquire Ancient Technology Points in Palworld:

Conquering Syndicate Tower Bosses: These formidable foes reside within the Syndicate Towers scattered across the map. Defeating a Syndicate Tower Boss for the first time grants a hefty reward of Ancient Technology Points (usually between 3-5). Remember, you only receive points on the initial defeat; subsequent victories won’t yield more points.

Taming or Taking Down Alpha Pals: The world is teeming with powerful Alpha Pals, marked by a red glow around their name. Defeating or capturing one of these elite creatures rewards you with a single Ancient Technology Point. The good news? Alpha Pals respawn after a real-world hour, allowing you to farm them for points repeatedly.

Unearthing Ancient Technical Manuals: These hidden treasures are scattered throughout the world and offer a bonus reward of Ancient Technology Points upon discovery. Keep your eyes peeled during exploration, and you might stumble upon a valuable manual!

What Ancient Technology Can You Unlock?

The wonders of ancient ingenuity await! Here’s a glimpse of the incredible technology you can unlock with your hard-earned Ancient Technology Points:

Egg Incubator: This game-changer allows you to hatch captured Pal eggs, expanding your Pal collection and breeding potential.

Grappling Hook: Navigate the treacherous terrain with ease! The grappling hook lets you climb cliffs and reach previously inaccessible areas.

Advanced Inventory Slots: Expand your carrying capacity with additional inventory slots, allowing you to stock up on more resources and captured Pals.

Sphere Launcher: This versatile tool lets you capture Pals from afar, increasing your chances of nabbing elusive creatures.

Advanced Weaponry: Ancient technology also unlocks powerful weapons, giving you a significant edge in combat encounters.

Strategies for Efficiently Gathering Ancient Technology Points

Here are some tips to optimize your Ancient Technology Point gathering:

Prioritize Syndicate Tower Bosses: These encounters offer the highest single-point rewards. Plan your exploration around these towers, tackling them as you progress through the game.

Hunt Alpha Pals Strategically: Focus on weaker Alpha Pals you can defeat quickly. This allows for efficient farming of points, especially once they respawn.

Explore Thoroughly: Keep your eyes peeled for hidden Ancient Technical Manuals during your adventures. These surprise point boosts can significantly accelerate your progress.

Befriend Pals with High Capture Rates: Certain Pals, like Puffs and Cephalops, have a higher capture rate. Utilizing these Pals increases your chances of capturing Alpha Pals for bonus points.

Utilize Capture Devices: Invest in Capture Balls and Tranquilizer Guns to increase your capture success rate against Alpha Pals.


Ancient Technology Points unlock a treasure trove of possibilities in Palworld. By employing the strategies outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking powerful tools and gadgets that enhance your gameplay and propel you toward becoming a master Pal Trainer. Remember, the secrets of the past hold the key to a brighter future in Palworld!


Q: Can I buy Ancient Technology Points with in-game currency?

A: No, Ancient Technology Points can only be acquired through the methods mentioned in this guide.

Q: Do Syndicate Tower Bosses respawn?

A: No, Syndicate Tower Bosses do not respawn after defeat. However, there are five Syndicate Towers in total, each offering a one-time point reward.

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