How to Get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

how to get ancient technology points palworld

In the captivating world of Palworld, where befriending and utilizing creatures is key, technology plays a crucial role in your success. But beyond the standard advancements, there lies a realm of forgotten knowledge – Ancient Technology. These powerful tools hold the key to crafting superior equipment and unlocking the mysteries of Palworld’s forgotten civilizations. However, accessing this knowledge requires a rare resource: Ancient Technology Points.

This guide delves into the various methods for acquiring these coveted points, empowering you to unlock the secrets of the past and forge a path toward dominance.

1. Conquering the Syndicate Towers: A Lucrative Challenge

The Syndicate Towers, imposing structures scattered across the Palworld landscape, house formidable bosses – the leaders of the various Pal factions. Defeating these challenging foes is not only a test of your Pal-battling prowess but also a rewarding endeavor. Upon conquering a Syndicate Tower for the first time, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with a whopping five Ancient Technology Points!

There are five Syndicate Towers in total, each located within a specific biome and guarded by a powerful boss. Here’s a breakdown of their locations and recommended levels:

Tower of Rayne Syndicate (Level 16): Located in the Verdant Plains, this is the first Syndicate Tower you can encounter. Be prepared to face Zoe, a cunning Puppeteer Pal, and Grizzbolt, a shocking Electric Pal.

Tower of Free Pal Alliance (Level 32): Nestled within the Searing Sands, this tower is protected by Maverick, a fiery Heatsaber Pal.

Tower of Brothers of the Eternal Pyre (Level 41): This imposing structure in the Crystalline Caverns is guarded by Vulcan, a formidable Molten Titan Pal.

Tower of the PIDF (Level 45): Deep within the Verdant Lagoon lies this tower, where you’ll face off against Nautilus, a powerful Aqua Gunman Pal.

Tower of the CPO (Level 50): Located in the heart of the Obsidian Flats, this final tower presents the ultimate challenge with CEOcelot, a cunning and ruthless Feliscythe Pal.

Remember, these bosses are no pushovers. Strategize your Pal team composition, utilize elemental advantages, and prepare for a tough fight. However, the reward of five Ancient Technology Points per conquest makes conquering these towers a highly profitable endeavor.

2. Taming the Wild: Alpha Pals and Ancient Knowledge

The world of Palworld teems with powerful Alpha Pals, rare variants of regular creatures with enhanced strength and unique abilities. Defeating or capturing an Alpha Pal not only rewards you with valuable resources but also grants you a single Ancient Technology Point – a bonus for your perseverance.

Alpha Pals can be found roaming specific areas within each biome, often marked by distinct visual cues like glowing eyes or larger size. Keep an eye out for these formidable creatures, and be prepared for a challenging battle. Here are some tips for tackling Alpha Pals:

  • Research their weaknesses: Different Alpha Pals have varying elemental affinities. Utilize Pals with advantageous elements for maximum damage.
  • Form a balanced team: Ensure your Pal team has a healthy mix of offensive, defensive, and support capabilities.
  • Capture if possible: While defeating an Alpha Pal grants an Ancient Technology Point, capturing them allows for repeated farming of resources and potential breeding opportunities.

While Alpha Pals pose a significant challenge, the rewards of both resources and Ancient Technology Points make them a valuable target in your quest for ancient knowledge.

3. Uncovering Secrets: Dungeon Bosses and Forgotten Knowledge

Dungeons, scattered throughout the diverse biomes of Palworld, offer not only exciting exploration opportunities but also the chance to encounter powerful dungeon bosses. Defeating these formidable foes grants valuable rewards, including a chance at acquiring Ancient Technology Points.

The specific rewards from dungeon bosses vary depending on the location. However, there’s a good possibility you’ll be rewarded with an Ancient Technology Point for your efforts. Remember, thorough exploration of dungeons is key to uncovering hidden treasures and powerful foes.

4. A Technical Windfall: Ancient Technical Manuals

The v0.2.0.6 update for Palworld introduced a new way to acquire Ancient Technology Points: Ancient Technical Manuals. These valuable items offer a more predictable method for bolstering your ancient knowledge reserves.


By mastering the methods outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking the secrets of Ancient Technology in the Pal world. Remember, perseverance and strategic exploration are key to acquiring the coveted Ancient Technology Points. With dedication and a well-trained Pal team, you’ll be crafting powerful equipment and unlocking the mysteries of the past in no time.


1. Can I farm Ancient Technology Points?

While some methods, like conquering Syndicate Towers, only offer points on the first clear, others like defeating Alpha Pals can be “farmed” repeatedly. Focus on capturing Alpha Pals and exploring dungeons to maximize your point acquisition.

2. Is there a way to get Ancient Technology Points without fighting?

Currently, there’s no known method to acquire Ancient Technology Points without engaging in some form of combat or exploration that might involve encountering hostile creatures. However, keep an eye out for future updates that might introduce alternative methods.

3. What are Ancient Civilization Parts used for?

Ancient Civilization Parts, alongside Ancient Technology Points, are crucial for crafting advanced equipment from the Ancient Technology category. These parts can be obtained by defeating or capturing Alpha Pals, dungeon bosses, and Lucky Pals.

4. Where can I find a list of all Alpha Pal locations?

While there’s no official in-game list, online resources like community forums and wikis often compile user-generated information on Alpha Pal locations. Utilize these resources to strategize your hunt for these powerful creatures.

5. What are the best Pals to use against Syndicate Tower bosses?

As each Syndicate Tower boss has a specific element, research their weaknesses beforehand. Generally, a balanced team with strong elemental advantages and a mix of offensive, defensive, and support capabilities will fare well.

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