Informed Investments With Defined Trading Strategies To Earn Better Gains  


The market offers a diverse plethora for making money. Individuals are becoming aware of different strategies to invest in the market and earn. Trading stands at the top position in the list of making informed investments and earning great profits. In the past few years, trading has become a popular way of making good money. There are numerous types and strategies for doing the trade. The traders are speculating and enlightening themselves about various styles and making informed decisions when it comes to investing in the stock market. Intraday trading is one of the best and known methods of making short-term profits. Investors are opting for this method due to early gains. The article focuses on the meaning, advantages, and strategies that result in immense gains.

What Do We Understand By Intraday Trading?

The purchase and sale of shares or assets on the same day comes under intraday trading. It is also known as day trading due to one-day procedures. The prices of shares keep fluctuating throughout the day and traders make profits out of these movements. It requires the investors to be prompt with timings and quick decisions. Good and thorough market research is necessary before getting into this type of trading. The basics of market sentiments and investment must be on tips to avoid any loss during trading. 

Considerations While Doing The Day Trading

As attractive as it appears to make quick profits, it requires an in-depth understanding of the stock market and shares. The individuals must be thoroughly familiar with certain considerations to make a fruitful investment. Below are a few tips that can ease your investment journey –

  1. The Mobility – While choosing the intraday stocks, make sure they offer volatility. The top stocks possess volatile features to cater to market fluctuations. When investing in such stocks make sure to avoid market value fluctuations that go beyond 3% to save yourself from any bigger losses. 
  2. The Liquidity – It’s a given for intraday shares to be highly liquid as it underlies the concept of day trading. Choose the equity shares that offer good liquidity as buying and selling such assets is easy and promotes better profits. It’s critical to observe the cyclical fluctuations to make healthy decisions.
  3. Correlativity – The intraday shares must have strong correlations with a highly preferred stock exchange. It aids in estimating the share prices with the fluctuation in index value. As the shares of top companies are listed in the indices, it’s presumed that the fluctuations are only going to rise in an upward direction.
  4. The Trade Volume – Trade volume makes it easy for traders to track any fluctuations in price. An intense demand or supply is reflected in the higher trade volume index. A good amount of capital gains can be earned with purchase or sale in this particular scenario.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you can also take expert advice while performing this type of trading. It’s good to be patient while trading and have insights into the market sentiments.

Options Trading – Meaning And Strategies

Stock Option Trading refers to a contract that gives the right and does not oblige an investor to buy or sell an underlying asset at an exercise price in the future. The seller/buyer does not pay the whole price of the instrument but the premium amount initially. This type of trading is pretty famous among investors. It requires good knowledge of the stock market and expertise to take action at the right time and for the right price. Let’s delve into the stock option trading strategies to make the best out of investments and avoid any losses while trading – 

  • Long Call – This strategy enables the buyer to purchase an underlying stock at a lesser price that might strike in the future. The buyer is not obliged to take action but he has all the rights. It lets him have a stock that’s going to have an increased future value.
  • Long Put – Under this strategy, a put option is bought. This works when there is a bearish position in the market. Traders go for such a practice when there is an assumption that the price of securities will go down in the future. Again, there is no compulsion to take the action.
  • Short Call – This strategy puts an obligation on the seller of the stock option to also sell the associated security in exchange for a premium amount before the date of expiration for a decided price.
  • Short Put – It includes an investor to sell a put option. The profit is earned from an increase in the price of the asset by availing the premium during the sale in the short put. The investor needs to be vigilant of any decline in the prices as it will lead to loss.
  • Long Straddle – Here, the investor purchases a long put and a long call on the same underlying instrument with a similar date of expiration and at the same price. The maximum profit under this strategy is unlimited as the trader makes a strong move in the market.
  • Short Straddle – Under this strategy, there is a simultaneous sale and purchase of a put option under the same strike price. The specified future date is also the same for both actions by the trader. Less volatility in the market leads to better profits.

There are more stock option trading strategies that lead to great investments and returns. The trader needs to take informed calls and rely on trusted advisors to make the maximum gains without facing losses.


Whether you want to step into intraday trading or other types of investing in the market, make sure to have good information about the market sentiments. The traders must be patient and observant about the stock market patterns. The increase in popularity of the stock market has given rise to many mentoring channels and trading experts. Traders can also rely on SEBI-registered platforms that aid in profitable stock market investments. 

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