How to Buy Loose Diamond: A Comprehensive Guide

Buy Loose Diamond

Diamonds in a movie always make many people gasp in suspense, there is something wild about them. It is actually seen that they are cultured, classy, and of course, stunning beauty queens. When intending to buy diamonds, it is most appropriate to opt for diamonds that are individually known as loose diamonds and not the ones that are already mounted on jewellery. Why? The buying of the bare diamonds allows the consumer to create what they fancy, it’s advantageous to the shopaholic as it has the greatest potential value, it gives the buyer a clear look of the diamond. Thus, it is time for us to explain how one can manage to become a true connoisseur of loose diamonds.

What Are Loose Diamonds? These are diamonds that have not been mounted in any piece of jewellery or other accessories. This means you stand a perfect chance of getting that ideal piece of jewellery you have in mind be it a ring, neck jewel or earrings.

Loose vs Pre-set diamonds Pre-Set stones are already mounted which also confines your choices and is very rigid in determining the actual quality of the diamond. Loose diamonds give you a chance to examine the stone before it is mounted therefore, you are privileged with adequate information.

The Four C’s of diamonds:

  • Carat: Carat is used to define the weight of the diamond. Although most people associate it with extent, it represents weight. It is often stated that size does not matter; in fact the quality of other Cs may be anywhere near in significance.
  • Cut: Cut of a diamond defines how much light returns back through the gemstone and the brightness of the diamond. Many will agree with me when I say that light has a way of showing off in a well cut diamond. The available cuts of the rings that are existing in the modern world includes round, princess, emerald cut amongst others.
  • Colour: The diamonds are grouped based on their colour but the most costly diamonds are the colourless ones. The official graders in the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) of the stones categorise it in order from D, which is completely white, to Z which is light yellow or light brownish yellow.
  • Carity: Apparently enough, among the features of Clearness are the interior or exterior flaws that are known as inclusions and defects. General clarity ranges from Flawless, it covers no defects that are visible with even 10 – times magnifying glass to Included, it contains inclusions and/or blemishes visible even with the naked eye.

Why Should You Buy Loose Diamonds?

Customization When purchasing loose diamonds one gets an opportunity to make a number of choices starting from the type of jewellery to be used. It is up to you to select the precise stone and setting so that you get what you had in mind.

Cost Savings Purchasing loose diamonds is relatively cheaper sometimes. One gets rid of the increased prices that are always associated with predetermined jewellery and one can budget most of the amount on the diamond rather than on the mounting.

Quality Control When a person has a loose diamond, he or she has the opportunity of examining the diamond before purchasing it. It is surely a trustworthy way; because instead of just trusting the jeweller’s words, you can look at them for yourself.

Loose Diamond For Sale

Online and physical stores have some advantages and disadvantages as well as differences. If you want to buy loose diamond the advantage of going through an online dealer is always cheaper price and a better stock, but the unfortunate part is that it is difficult to assess the diamond physically. There is also the option to touch the diamond physically in the physical store but these come at a higher cost.

Honest Online Diamond Stores Popular Internet Diamond Stores include Blue Nile and James Allen and other inventories that have a customer-oriented policy.

Local Jewelers and Diamond Districts Shopping local can also be useful. This is because you may come across more specialty stores and everyone is inclined to be more personal with their services. Diamond districts in big cities will also provide the variety of choices and an opportunity to compare the prices and the quality level of the offered services.

Advice on Purchasing Diamonds for Less

Originality and certification Do not forget that your diamond needs to have a certificate from a reputable body such as the GIA. This ensures that the diamond is of the best quality and as well as original.

Read Reviews and Testimonials What people have to say about common products. This can tell you the extent to which the retailer can be trusted as well as the quality of diamonds that they have.

Prices and Policies If you see a dazzling diamond don’t rush into buying it. It is thus useful to check other stores, and when doing so, check their prices to get an average price and their return policy in case you are not fully satisfied.

Deciding on the Type of Diamond

Different Types of Shapes As it is already clearly stated, Diamonds do exist in different shapes though they are all a specialty of their own. Some of the common and well-known are round, princess, emerald, and cushion. The shape can cause a physical difference in the way a diamond looks and its overall size in terms of appearance.

Ensuring Ethical Sourcing

Peace Diamonds The diamond is not tainted with blood since its sale would not have helped finance violent conflicts or other inhuman acts. Certification that ensures ethical sourcing of the products should be looked for.


Choosing an owner of a loose diamond has its benefits since you would determine the quality, size, model, and price. Thus knowing the Four Cs, where to shop and what to look for will help the consumer to make the right purchase decision. Happy diamond hunting!

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