Clash of Clans Speeds Up Progress and Adds Tactical Depth in New Update

Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans has recently introduced an extensive update which is furnished with some captivating new features, better quality and shortens the waiting time for you to get your COC updates. And with the option to buy Clash of Clans gems, players can accelerate their progress and dominate the game like never before. Let’s go into the particulars to find out how this update will change your approach to game play.

The Builder’s Apprentice: A Helping Hand

One of the biggest additions is the Clash of Clans Builder’s Apprentice. This new feature essentially acts as a temporary builder, helping you speed up construction projects. Available at Town Hall 10 and for the home village only, the Builder’s Apprentice can be assigned to a single building upgrade for one hour each day. Upgrading the Apprentice increases its working speed, allowing you to save even more time. While some might prefer instant gratification from magic items, the Clash of Clans Builder’s Apprentice offers a long-term solution for strategic resource management and gradual progress.

Tactical Overview: Scouting Gets Smarter

The new Tactical Overview completely revamps how you scout enemy bases. During the 30-second scouting phase in multiplayer battles, you can now interact with the base and gain valuable intel. Highlighting a specific defense will showcase all similar defenses on the COC map, along with their level and targeting mode (single-target inferno tower, multi-mode inferno tower, etc.). You can even see the number of Clan Castle COC troops stationed within the base, crucial information for planning your attack strategy. But the most exciting feature might be the ability to see loot amounts in resource buildings. No more guesswork! With a simple tap, you’ll know exactly how much gold or elixir you can steal from a collector or storage, making farming runs significantly more efficient.

Hard Mode: A Challenge for the Elite

Addressing the growing skill gap, Clash of Clans introduces Hard Mode for friendly battles and friendly wars. This COC mode offers a steeper challenge by increasing defensive damage by 5% and reducing attacking Clash of Clans Hero hit points and damage by 10% and 15% respectively. COC Hard Mode, though still in its infancy, serves as a training field for experienced players to practice against stronger rivals in order to become better.

Quality of Life Improvements and Cost Reductions

The Clash of Clans update brings a wave of quality-of-life changes, including the ability to reorder Clash of Clans Supercell ID accounts for easier access to your most used villages. A notification now pops up in the Blacksmith when your storage reaches full capacity, preventing you from wasting precious resources. These are just a few examples, and the update implements several other bug fixes and improvements.

Most importantly, the update slashes upgrade times and costs across the board. This is a significant change, especially considering the planned release of new COC Town Halls every 12 months. With shorter upgrade times, players can progress faster and experience more of the content the game offers.


The June 17th update for Clash of Clans is a game-changer, making it an ideal time to buy COC account upgrades. The Builder’s Apprentice offers a helping hand for faster progress, the Tactical Overview empowers smarter scouting, and Hard Mode provides a new challenge for skilled players. With a focus on quality-of-life improvements and significant cost and time reductions, this update is sure to be welcomed by Clash of Clans players of all levels. 

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